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Hbdeadsea - Peeling foot cream - 200ml

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Product/Item Name:Hbdeadsea - Peeling foot cream - 200ml
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hbdeadsea - peeling foot cream - 200ml

The Peeling Cream for Feet is the perfect 3 in 1 solution for pampering and regenerating the skin in both feet and hands. The cream provides the ultimate treatment trio: softening and removing dry and coarse dead skin cells, scrubbing and thorough cleaning and finally a great nourishment. It is enriched with Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil for disinfection, Aloe Vera extract, Shea Butter and Olive oil for softening and soothing, Sea Buckthorn oil and Mint oil for refreshment along with Apricot Seed, vitamin A+E and Dead Sea minerals. The rich ingredients combination enhances skin texture and creates a sense of relaxation. It is excellent for coarse skin on knees and elbows and for rejuvenating feet and hands skin.