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Hbdeadsea, Health and Beauty - Hair Serum

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Product/Item Name:Hbdeadsea, Health and Beauty - Hair Serum
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Hbdeadsea, Health and Beauty - Hair Serum


An innovative treatment for instant improvement of hair appearance. The serum treats hair which underwent chemical processes such as dying, curling, stripes and bleaching. The serum repairs split ends, moisturizes, protect the hair against climate damages, dust and static electricity, create a glow, and revitalizes the hair for a healthy and flexible look. It has a velvet-like texture, absorbs quickly and eases combing and wraps each hair with a protective layer without leaving a fatty feeling. The serum is enriched with vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, Dead Sea Minerals, Sea Buckthorn oil, Argan oil, jojoba oil and flax oil. It has a wonderful, sensual fragrance.

Use: Drip a few drops on your hand and apply on moist or dry hair, mainly at the ends. Recommended for daily use for all types of hair.

50 ml