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Payment Methods

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The dead sea Online site offers different types of payments:
  • Payment by Paypal

PayPal, undisputed leader in online payment, allows buyers and sellers to send and receive payments online. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and regions of the world. It is accepted by merchants everywhere, both on eBay and off eBay.

Is this a secure service?
PayPal helps protect information on your credit card with the best present systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. When you use PayPal, your financial information are never communicated to the merchant.

Why use PayPal?


  • Make purchases or send payments with PayPal: it's free.
  • Buy and pay in peace by registering your information with PayPal.
  • PayPal is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide and is the most used payment on eBay.



  • Payment by bank transfer

You can make your payment by bank transfer from aue payment will be received we will send your order.
Please send your payment to the following contact information

Bank name: Marfin laiki Bank
Address of the Bank: PO BOX 22032 CY
1598 Nicosia, Cyprus

IBAN: 0030 0178 0000 0178 1107 2090 CY16

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