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Mersea dead sea - Daily Care Moisturizer Ultimate

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Product/Item Name:Mersea dead sea - Daily Care Moisturizer Ultimate
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Mersea dead sea - Mersea Daily Care Moisturizer

Mersea Daily Care Moisturizer, Parabens-free, with its unique light and fresh texture provides an optimal
and highly recommended hydration for your skin. This exclusive formula combines the unique qualities of the Dead Sea minerals and exceptional ingredients high in vitamins. These active ingredients restore your daily moisture and nourish your skin cells reducing the appearance of fatigue. The plant extracts fortified with the Dead Sea natural minerals comes in a light-texture allowing the cream to be quickly absorbed and restores time-damaged facial skin. Based on a scientifically advanced formula, enriched with plant extracts this cream helps to minimize the harsh daily environmental damage, Mersea cream possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities to allow strong control of skin moist and helps adjusting the uniformity of the skin. Use daily to promote a firmer and youthful glow. This cream is recommended for all skin type.
Parabens free
Directions for use: For best outcomes use one of Mersea cleansing cream or gel to clean yore face thoroughly and gently massage the Mersea Daily Care Moisturizer to your face, use day and night until completely absorbed.