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The dead sea

Located at 417 m below the sea level, the dead sea waters contain 26 minerals 12 exist nowhere elsewhere. Here are some more representative points of the dead sea.

  • The dead sea is the largest natural spa in the world.
  • It has its own microclimate with an average of 330 days of sunshine a year.
  • The water of the dead sea is the more saline and the busiest of minerals in the world where each can float in its waters.
  • The famous Dead Sea for its black mud mineral provides its contribution to the treatment of diseases of the skin and certain manifestations of pain linked to arthritis and rheumatism.
  • The dead sea cosmetics is unique: rich in rare minerals, the dead sea products offer comfort and exceptional efficiency.


The mud of the dead sea, rich in natural minerals, helps improve the texture of the skin. It tones the skin of the face or the body and promotes the return to a smooth and soft touch.

For the care of the body : it is advisable for the parties to strengthen! It cleans the skin in depth into the pores. She is also an excellent cure for rheumatic and muscle pain.

For the care of the face : its concentration of minerals, mud strengthens the skin and smooth wrinkles and fine lines caused by age and fatigue.
The valuable mud is particularly recommended in the treatment of PSORIASIS, Vitiligo, ECZEMA, of ACNE
A significant deficiency of magnesium was discovered in the skin of patients with psoriasis.Where the benefits of the dead sea where magnesium concentrations are 20 times more higher than those of other seas.
The dead sea salts are recommended for people with PSORIASIS.

  • Our products mersea

The best in the dead sea cosmetics, Mersea Dead Sea any offers you a series of products for face, body, hands and feet, Relaxation, but also hair care beauty of minerals of the dead sea, from plant extracts and natural vegetable oils, produced on the highest quality standards. An opportunity for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the dead sea and to obtain new products cosmetic adapted for even the most demanding skins.

  • Our products H & B, Health and Beauty

Our H & B, Health and Beauty dead sea range is a range of cosmetic product of luxury at a very attractive price.
A less high production cost in Israel will permit you to access at a low price to Luxury creams at a very high quality.
The presentation is very careful with an Eastern touch that gives a certain charm to these products.